Tribal Hearts Festival 2017



I am so excited to be returning to the Tribal Hearts Festival this year. Me and the girls had an absolute blast last year, it was so nice to be around like minded families.

The workshop demo went really well (although this year I will much more organised, with an extra pair of hands!) It was also my first time holding a workshop demo to a crowd that size – so I over came a huge personal fear that day! I’m sure it showed but if it did the audience were smashing and never let on! Everyone that got involved got to take away their creations, this year we will be making a brand new product which will be good enough to eat!

Here’s a taster of what to expect at THF this year, check out the website below to book your tickets! Don’t miss out!

“Tribal Hearts combines many elements of natural living with family life, aiming to support parents in raising a healthy, happy tribe! Like every good festival we have great live music, delicious food, camping and plenty of fun, but with the added benefit of being able to take something away of value to you and your children. With an emphasis on creativity, play and nature children are immersed in opportunities to explore and learn, express themselves and gain confidence whilst supporting all areas of development. Workshops include parenting support to enhance your relationships with your children and create peaceful homes and interactive sessions on healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.”


One thought on “Tribal Hearts Festival 2017

  1. Lovely to see you’ll be back at THF this year. Me, husband Mo, the three kids & of course our Clean & Natural Well-being stall will be there! Looking forward to seeing you again. Let me know what you’re creating and we can see if we have any of the ingredients again. Take care! Much love, Anna Meshach, CLEAN & NATURAL.


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