Winter carrier oils


Today we will be looking at the best carrier oils available out there for the winter weathers.    

Our skin tends to dry out with the harsh winds and damp weather we have here in the UK so I have put together a list of the best carrier oils to use to make sure your skin has a healthy glow and is in tip-top shape ready to take on the winter! 

So I’ll start with the one that most if not all of you have heard of.


The wonderful Hemp Seed Oil (HSO)

Cold-Pressed Hemp seed oil, as the name suggests comes from the seed of the hemp plant, it has a nutty smell and taste yet it isn’t overpowering. The list of health benefits is endless when it comes to HSO so this makes it perfect for a winter carrier oil. This oil is fast absorbing and acts as a deep moisturising and nourishing oil, since its rich in vitamin and fatty acids it will improve the skins barrier function. It promotes the healing of skin cells as well as calming and soften skin that has become itchy, dry or irritated. The wonderful thing about HSO is that everyone can use, yes even you with oily skin! It works brilliantly in body butters, creams and bath oils. HSO will help promote hydration of the skin, improve the elasticity and give you soft glowing skin! 


Next up we have Calendula Oil

This oil is an all-rounder, offering many health benefits! Making it great for all skin types, much of these benefits are dependent on the other carrier oil used for infusion, sunflower and olive oil are most typical. As it encourages the skin to repair it will work well with every skin type including broken, inflamed and even sensitive skin. As well as offering potent, calming, moisturising and softening healing qualities. Calendula works wonderfully well in body and facial oils, healing balms or salves, creams and lotions, making it a great base to work with.


Next is Avocado Oil.

Avocado Oil is a wonderful deep penetrating and exceptionally moisturising oil yet it is absorbed into the skin easily, which provides long-lasting and intense nourishment. Avocado oil is perfect for winter months as it creates an occlusive layer over the skin to protect it from the harsh winter elements – cold, wind and dry conditions. When added to body oils, balms and creams it adds a rich hydration, promoting cell regeneration and replenishment. This gem of an oil also makes a great addition to facial products, offering a thicker, consistent and richer feeling to creams and facial serums. It will help smooth fine lines and wrinkles (No, really it does!) as well as revitalise the complexion of the skin. Happy days!!


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